How to Go Live on TikTok: Step-By-Step Guide

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If you are new to TikTok and are eager to try the live streaming feature this post will show you how to go Live on TikTok step-by-step. But before we dive right in, let’s see what the hype is about, and whether you are eligible for live streaming or not.

Launched in 2017, a video-sharing app TikTok has gone viral in just a few years. With 800 million users worldwide lip-syncing, dancing, and going live on TikTok, it’s rumored to take over Facebook and Instagram in the near future. 

Why Be on TikTok?

Seasoned influencers and social media marketers like Gary Vaynerchuck and Neil Patel count at least 3 big reasons for you to be on TikTok today. 

  • It appeals to a younger audience 
  • It will grow up and age along with its users
  • It is easy to show up your true colors

Users from all around the world spend 50+ minutes a day on TikTok. They binge-watch viral videos and make videos of their own. Take a second to look around. Your friends and classmates can already be shooting hilarious TikToks, growing views and like count, while you hesitate. 

The world’s fastest-growing video-sharing app, TikTok encourages more and more teens to hop on their adventure. Mind-blowing filters, slow-mo, TikTok memes, and challenges, the reasons to be on TikTok are countless. As time goes by, TikTok’s influence is growing bigger with more people addicted to 15-second video clips. More and more first-time app users want to know not only why to be on TikTok, but how to go Live on Tiktok. 

Ease of use and the creator’s true spirit is the real magnet that drives viewers to TikTok. If you want to be yourself, be famous, and be social, TikTok is your #1 choice for telling the story your way

You can be a seasoned marketer focused on leads and sales, a small business owner trying to build a brand or a typical prankster, TikTok is one of the best platforms to tell your story, generate views, and turn followers into clients. 

Now for one way to grow engagement and followers on TikTok – Live Streaming. 

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How To Go Live on TikTok (on Android and iOS)?

Just like other social media platforms, TikTok has a live stream feature allowing its users to record live videos, a proven way to engage followers, and build loyal fanship. Here’s how to go Live on TikTok in 4 steps. 

Step 1: To go live on TikTok, download TikTok app to your phone and sign up or log in.

STEP 1: Download TikTok app to your phone and log into your account. You can get an app from the AppStore, or Google Play market. If you are a new user signing up with TikTok, you may want to know if you are eligible to go live. See the requirements down below.

Step 2 - Tap on the “+” icon at the bottom of your screen to create a video.

STEP 2: Tap on the “+” icon at the bottom of your screen to create a video. Then, swipe left until you see the “Live” button. If there is no Live option, you are probably not eligible to make live recordings yet. Once the criteria is met, the Live button appears.

How to go Live on TikTok: Step 3- Add a Live video title

STEP 3: Add a Live video title (and a filter if you need). A sounding title attracts viewers as much as an offbeat filter does. Try Time Warp Scan filter or any other, you are going to love it. 

STEP 4: Hit Go Live, and the stream begins

STEP 4: Hit Go Live, and the stream begins. 

Who Can Go Live on TikTok? 

Make sure you meet the requirements for live streaming on TikTok before you Go Live on TikTok. Otherwise, the Live button does not appear on your screen. 

  • You have to be 13 years old and older to set up a TikTok account, and at least 16 years old to go live.
  • You must have 1000 followers or more to go live. Have fewer than the required limit? You can always buy TikTok followers from FeedPixel. 
  • Community-friendly content is the absolute must. If you don’t want to get a strike, of course. Nothing hateful, brutal, or sexually explicit, or you’ll land on the “black” list.

You might wonder what can be a good idea for a live stream video. And here you have it, the top 5 live stream Ideas for TikTok. Keep in mind, the How to go Live on TikTok is no longer just how but how good. Yep, that’s all about the content.

  • A day-in-the-life videos. What’s happened to you today? Anything cringy, or downright comic? Don’t forget to turn your camera on the next time you feel like it is making you tick.
  • Playing games with fans in real-time. Run giveaways, or bet on something to stimulate engagement. 
  • “My inspo” styled videos. What makes your content unique? Where did you get ideas for TikToks? Hey, it’s time to turn your camera on!
  • Live Q&A videos. 1000 followers on TikTok are 1000 chances to grab viewers’ attention by getting to know them better through Q&As real-time. Label it “Ask Me Anything” and you’ll see a ton of questions pouring in.
  • Two is better than one, right? If it’s not the two worms in your apple. Sorry:) But the two chaps interviewing each other has to be fun.

Now, as you know how to Go Live on TikTok, why would you actually want to do this. 

Why Go Live on TikTok?

Well, there are at least three reasons to go live on TikTok.

  1. It’s no longer a secret, going Live on TikTok boosts profile engagement by 200%. Your followers get notified when you go live. Making the titles catchy encourages fans to check a video. TikTok algorithm also reacts to frequent live streams, taking your content a step higher. 

Try TikTok Money Calculator to check your account engagement and start working on it.

  1. Going Live attracts more followers. This happens because of the increased profile engagement, more views and likes typically bring in new followers. Keep posting interesting videos on a regular basis, and you’ll see a few hundreds more subs in a matter of weeks.
  1. Users 18 years of age and older can receive “virtual giftsfrom the live stream viewers who want to reward favorite creators for engaging content. They are also entitled to earn Diamonds, or virtual credits, which according to TikTok are “a measurement of the popularity of the relevant User Content. Diamonds are based on the Gifts a Content Provider receives.” You can withdraw these Diamonds later on as PayPal payouts. 

In Sum

Livestreaming on TikTok not only improves viewers’ engagement and boosts the creator’s popularity. It speeds up account growth and lets creators earn redeemable credits (Diamonds) which can be converted into real-world cash down the road. 

But streaming Live can be challenging if you do not know where to start or what the requirements to go Live on TikTok are, right? 

So, we’ve put a couple of hundreds of words together to let newbies know how to go Live on TikTok, what the benefits are, and why TikTok is creators #1 platform to build their social personas.

Have you gone Live already? How you scored on engagement? What number of TikTok followers do you currently have?

Let us know in the comments below if TikTok Live videos worked out for you.

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