Buy TikTok Followers: 5 Myths Busted [Case Study]

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If you are new to TikTok but interested in taking it big on the platform this post is for you. We’ll see if buying TikTok followers worth it.

As content marketers and creators, we’ve tried multiple platforms ourselves. Seeing TikTokers disputing over buying followers, using free generators, and growing accounts organically, we dug deeper to uncover the truth. 

We had 6 people juggling 37 accounts on TikTok over 18 weeks. The content team of BuyTikTok paired with 5 influencers, experimented with posts, frequency of uploads, and of course, buying TikTok followers. 

16 totally new profiles with 0 followers, 8 profiles with under 1000 followers, 8 profiles with 1k-5k followers, and another 5 profiles with 5k -10k are matched against each other. Knowing 5 common objections people have against paid followers, the team tracked the expenses, followers’ quality, and post engagement rates. 

We focused on users new to TikTok struggling to grow followers count. Not on those who already managed to gain a following, and catch viewers’ attention. 

The results proved, sometimes buying followers on TikTok might be a good idea.

Let’s see why.

Myth #1: Buying TikTok Followers Is NOT Going To Work 

You might have seen dozens of videos like this on YouTube, right?

Plenty of blog posts are speaking against people for buying TikTok followers. You might have felt shame or guilt for spending a few bucks buying likes, views, or followers. Worse, your mind tells you that’s not going to work.

Well, we are here to tell you, it worked for 18 out of 37 TikTok accounts we monitored for 3.5 months. 

Of course, it all depends on what you mean by “worked” vs “not worked”. But as long as you are fine with a 50-60% increase in the number of likes and views your videos get, we think it works.

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Why is it a myth? 

No influencer or a regular TikTok user is going to publicly admit that buying TikTok followers helped them kick out profile engagement. Partly because of the fear to get suspension or ban for tricking the TikTok algorithm.

Partly because they feel fans may lose their interest in them and unfollow later on. Whatever the reason is, there are hundreds of thousands of people who secretly buy TikTok followers getting that extra boost we all wish to have.

But figures speak for themselves.

As for this case study results, all 37 accounts we’ve sent the followers to showed engagement increase by at least 20% compared to their initial rates. Accounts with the least followers count were those which benefited most – the views count jumped up 10 (!) times 6 weeks into the buying experiment. 

How views count increased in 6 weeks after buying TikTok followers
The views count jumped up 10 (!) times in 6 weeks

How we proved

If you are browsing the web in search of “success stories” from TikTok users who would encourage you to buy followers, don’t. There’s a better way to see if that works.

This case study.

Here’s what the average profile engagement looked like before the “buy TikTok followers” experiment.

Profiles before buy TikTok followers experiment

Here’s what effect a few hundreds of followers we bought for $20.00 had on that account.

TikTok profiles after buy TikTok followers experiment

Clearly that’s not universal but taking a dozen of these results you can hardly say, buying TikTok followers does not work. 

Or do you?

Myth #2: Buying TikTok Followers Is Pricey

It may seem as a good idea to buy TikTok followers once and for all whatever the cost. But, followers on TikTok work in a bit different way. TikTok algorithm gives preference to accounts consistently growing followers, likes, and views. Not the “one big leap” to go viral as newbies tend to think. 

That’s why influencers also buy TikTok likes and views when buying a few hundreds of followers. To make the followers jump go organic, which clearly costs some money. And because we know it works, buying followers can be seen as an investment. Just like ads people buy on Facebook or Instagram.

Why is it a myth? 

Depending on where you buy TikTok followers,100 followers won’t cost more than a Shake Shack Burger, or a couple of Lattes you grab at Starbucks on Monday mornings.

There are services selling TikTok followers for as little as $1

Buying 100 TikTok followers equals buying 1 Shake Shack Burger
Shake Shack Burger versus SMM Company

Just make sure to ask for a free trial to test followers quality without a dime spent. 

How we proved

For this experiment we’ve bought followers for TikTok from 6 different sites with prices ranging from $0.12 to $6.99 per 100 TikTok followers. 

Followers for $0.12 were nearly as good as those for $7. 90% of all accounts had profile pictures, unique usernames, and some posting activity.

Buying TikTok followers no longer is pricey, but the same as your Monday double Latte (Capuchino, or whatever coffee you drink). 

Myth #3: TikTok Ads Are Better Than Buying Followers or Likes

Well, not always. 

Because ad spendings on TikTok are calculated differently (through CPC, CPM, and CPV) and focus on businesses, it is hard to predict how many TikTok followers a creator will gain as a result of a campaign. 

Typically the results are measured in traffic, app installs, and conversions, not profile engagement, watch time or followers count. 

TikTok Ads results measured in traffic and sales and suit businesses

Unless your goal is to make people sign up for your service, order your product, or download an app, buying TikTok Ads makes little sense.  It’s easy to wrap your head around all these CPC, CPM, CPV with no followers, views, and likes growth for months unless you buy TikTok followers.

Why is it a myth?

CPC (cost per click) is the sum you as an advertiser pay per click. Based on your bid (a proposed sum you are ready to pay for clicks) TikTok shows your video to as many viewers who might be interested in your product or service as the budget allows.

CPM (cost per mille) is the sum you want to pay for 1k impression. The more people it reaches the more ad expenditure is. With a minimum CPM of $10, a single campaign can cost $500 and more. 

CPV (cost per views) is the price you are paying for 1k views (charged for 6 to 2 seconds long video views, or video completion). While ads result in more views and impressions, they do not guarantee either followers or engagement.  

Buying TikTok followers, on the other hand, brings in the desired number of followers to your account. And because we know that a couple of hundred followers can cost as little as two cups of your favorite Starbucks taste, getting followers for TikTok is better than running pricey ad campaigns.  

How we proved

Out of 37 TikTok accounts monitored over 18 weeks, 5 run TikTok Ads for half of that time. We’ve spent nearly $1.5k just on Ads and gained 1276 new followers spread across 5 accounts ( averaging at 76% of the initial followers’ count), tripled the number of likes, and skyrocketed profile engagement.

Meanwhile, for other 5 TikTok accounts small batches of 100-500 followers were sent each week. 

6 weeks into our experiment, followers count increased by 340%, and video views nearly tripled. The likes, however, showed little but steady increase. To make followers appear more organic, we bought 1 000 000 likes spread across 20+ videos in total. 

Video views nearly tripled rightaway when you buy TikTok followers.

By the end of the trial, we had 16k+ followers jointly (ten times the followers size of accounts running TikTok Ads). And the budget we had to buy TikTok followers and likes? 

During this experiment, their numbers were ten times of that of accounts running TikTok Ads

$1670! A tiny bit more than on Ads but with bigger results.

Myth #4: Deciding To Buy TikTok Followers Puts Account At Risk

If you are totally new to TikTok and its system, it is easy to think buying followers would result in suspension or ban. “You’ll get hacked” is another forecast you hear often. 

The internet is full of “I do not recommend buying TikTok followers” posts and YouTube videos.

When everyone is advising against buying TikTok followers

But is it? 

We challenged the common opinion, and kept buying TikTok followers in different amounts for 18 months. And, here’s what happens when you buy TikTok followers the right way:)

Why is it a myth?

While none of the 37 accounts got banned the experiment showed that buying followers in large quantities without ordering likes and views brings little results

It also made clear that the slower followers appear on a creator’s account, the more organic it looks. 

So, drip-feed delivery is preferred for users worried about their account safety. This tip on how to buy TikTok followers comes from one of the micro-influencers we spoke to. 

When drip feed delivery is best for buying TikTok followers

When followers are drip-fed they are sent in small batches over a certain period of time. 10k TikTok followers can be drip-fed by 100-500 followers a day over a month or so. 

How we proved

To see if there’s truth in these sayings, we tried 11 providers for TikTok. We’ve split 30 accounts into low, average, and high-risk accounts based on the followers to likes and views ratio, posting frequency, account age, and the average engagement growth over the last 30 days.

All accounts received a similar number of followers but with varied frequency (from 10 followers/day up to 10k/week).

Low – risk accounts had at least a 10% followers to likes ratio, an average of 12% engagement rate, posted no less than 1 video a day, and had 3 -12 months of TikTok presence. 

Accounts with average risk had 6 – 9% followers/likes ratio and about 7-8% engagement rate. Videos were uploaded weekly but received few engagements. The average account age was 60-90 days.

✅ The followers/likes ratio in high-risk TikTok accounts were less than 6% (meaning out of every 100 followers less than 6 people liked a video). Engagement of the last 50 posts ranged between 2 – 6% (estimates by TikTok Money Calculator from FeedPixel). 

All accounts were new with up to 5 videos on them, a few dozens of followers, and infrequent uploads.

18 weeks after all 37 accounts were very much alive with no suspension or ban. 

Myth #5: People Buy Only Bot Accounts 

That one was easy to check! 

As more users buy TikTok followers to gain visibility and attract new followers to their accounts, more services employ real TikTok users to follow, like, or watch creator’s content.

That is not to say bots are not used on TikTok. Many providers use cheap bot accounts to manipulate the TikTok algorithm. Since bot systems typically require account access (your password), buying bot services for TikTok you risk being hacked.

Back in the day, detecting fake followers was hard. Today with advanced tools and “fake account” criteria it is easier to see if you buy TikTok followers of good quality. Simply check for profile pictures, followers, and posts. Sometimes something as simple as username can tell you a lot. 

Look how different “fake followers” are from the “real” ones.

How fake followers are different from the real ones

Why is it a myth? 

60% of the engagement services we bought TikTok followers from seemed very much real with profile photos, followers of their own, and some content. If they were bots why would they have uploads, followers, or likes on their accounts? More, none of the services asked for a password, or direct account access making it easy to get followers risk-free. 

The other 40% lacked in quality and rolled in all the followers at once, which seemed unnatural. These are the services you want to avoid as much as account safety is concerned. But 40% does not mean all followers are bots, right? 

Typically, reputable services have a large database of potential followers visiting hundreds of websites, forums, and groups on social media. To get those people like, follow, or comment on someone’s post, the service providers offer some sort of incentive. 

Another way they complete customer orders is by using AI-powered systems to determine suitable posts for a viewer. In other words, bots are used to learn your interests before posts and profiles are shown to you. And, once you buy TikTok followers, you can be sure your profile is pushed to thousands of users who are likely to follow it. Although such services are a bit on the higher end.

How we proved

The first step was to see how many engagement services use bots to follow, like, or view someone’s profile and content. With providers picked at random and followers tried in small batches over 6 weeks, we had a good chance to match services against each other. 

While all services claimed to sell “real” likes and followers, only 60% sent followers with complete profiles that looked like real people. Most providers delivered hundreds (if not thousands) of followers in seconds with no breaks in between – so they were out too.

37 accounts for which followers were delivered from different providers were monitored daily. After the 6-week period, all accounts were functioning with no suspension or ban. 

So, should you buy TikTok followers?

Now with all that data in mind, you have to decide if buying followers on TikTok is worth playing the game. This 18-week long case-study is not sponsored or influenced by anyone but hundreds of thousands of TikTok users searching for the truth. 

The Pros and Cons of Buying TikTok Followers   (PIC) 

Summing this up, let’s see the pluses and minuses you have when you buy TikTok followers. 

Organic increase in the number of views and likes;Buying from unknown providers can be risky;
Cheaper than paying for TikTok ads;There is 40% chance you get bots;
No risk of being banned by TikTok;Likes and views are not guaranteed even with real followers;
99% of services do not require a password to buy followers;Finding a credible provider is time-consuming;
Helps new accounts quickly gain visibility;Buying TikTok followers alone will have little effect;
60% of the services send real people to follow profiles on TikTok;Real followers can be expensive;
Bigger numbers of followers is better with drip-feed delivery;
Bigger numbers of followers is better with drip-feed delivery;
Saves nerves (this one is intuitive)

If there’s one piece of info about TikTok followers you found interesting or useful for you, what would it be? Let us know in the comments below.

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