Best TikTok Memes: What Do You Meme TikTok?

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Ever dreamed of going viral on TikTok? Then, this post is for you. We’ll list 17 best TikTok memes that are hilariously surprising, and leave no time to think. If you are new to TikTok and want to Livestream to grow engagement and followers, make sure you’ve read a step-by-step guide on how to go Live on TikTok

Formerly known as for its original music and sound clips, TikTok has witnessed a meteoric rise to an unbelievable 800 million monthly users for its hard-to-beat mood and accessibility. Just like with Vine, its spiritual predecessor, TikTok is a platform that embraces short-form videos. And this goofiness of the short sketches and lip-syncing is what makes it viral. Memes are surely a big part of Tik Tok culture.

This full list of catchphrases and dance challenges that gone wrong will leave a lasting impression on followers and jump-start your TikTok popularity. 

Tighten up your seatbelts, the show is about to begin. Let’s have your best TikTok memes all in one place.

25 Best TikTok Memes To Keep You in Stitches

Boyfriend Check Meme

There are tons of #boyfriendcheck videos on TikTok to make you laugh. Everything from the funnies check-ins to real spying. Watch for yourself – the BoyFriend Check is one of the most popular memes on TikTok with over a billion views.

Sibling Check TikTok Meme

Speaking of #TikTokChecks, #siblingcheck deserves a spot on the best TikTok memes list. In fact, it is so popular that in the last month over 60 thousand videos were uploaded to TikTok. And 6.7 billion views gained.

Mirror Moves and Mirror Run

Whether you call it #mirrormoves or #mirrorrun, it still is one of the best TikTok memes ever. Look how funny it is to switch from one reality to a different one! What you do with this meme is you run through a “mirror” changing the shoot-up scenes, the outings, makeup, and boots. And of course, your mimics and gestures. Now, point your camera to a mirror and run, run, run… 

For its vibes, #mirrormoves gets 9.3 millions views, while #mirrorrun hits up 23.3 million. 

POV TikTok Meme

Who would have questioned that #POV matters? “Show us what life looks like when the tables are turned with #POV” as they say. And users do not hesitate – best TikTok memes labeled #POV ranges from the doggies with their food bowls to cringy camera fails to Disney princess and cosplays. 143 billion views for this TikTok meme.

Walk a Mile Meme

Walk a mile meme

Do you think #walkamile gets 594.2 million views for nothing? Well, if not grab your TikTok app and type in #walkamile to die laughing watching these hilarious TikTok memes. 

VSCOgirl on TikTok

The platform itself calls #VSCOgirls one of the top 10 memes everyone has tried once on TikTok. It scores 250.5 million views and is far from dying out any time soon. Surprisingly, both boys and girls keep recording comedy skits about the “basic” teen girls with their T-shirts tucked into jeans, messy buns, and chokers, aka VSCOgirls.

Whats Up Doc TikTok Videos

BuggsBunny is one of the best TikTok memes

Hitting a whopping 3.9 billion views, #WhatsUpDocChallenge is one of the best TikTok memes today. Watch your favorite Looney Tunes Bugs Bunny taking all over TikTok: from moms and dads to cute doggies chewing the carrot. 

I Just Took a DNA Test | TikTok Meme

Karma Is A Bitch Meme on TikTok

You may have been from prehistoric era, Mars, or a fictional Atlantis, #DNAtest will help you know who you are. See how excited I’m to see where I come from. 

Users from all walks of life lip-syncing “I just took a DNAtest. Turns out I’m a 100%…” took this TikTok meme to the very top of the memes list.

Karma Is a Bitch Meme

Karmaisabitch best TikTok memes

#KarmaIsaBitch is a less ironic version of #showyourbeauty, TikTok videos where users reveal their faces ripping off the blanket from their faces. One of the best TikTok memes went viral days after it spread out. Tens of thousands of TikTokers are splitting a 15-second video into the before/after effect to create a sense of drama. You can too!

Just wrap the scarf around your head, use a slow-mo effect in the end, and turn your camera on. Surely, the 323 million views meme is going to have another pair of eyes.

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Rise and Shine TikTok Meme

Our list of the best TikTok memes would be incomplete without a 3.4 billion #riseandshine TikTok meme. This meme originally comes from the 8-sec video clip when Kylei Jenner published a tour of her offices and her daughter Stormi. She sings Rise&Shine coming to wake up little Stormi. The song caught fire among TikTokers days after its appearance on YouTube.


There are not many videos gaining 276 million views on TikTok. Much less TikTok memes, but #microwavechallenge is one of the lucky few which made TikTokers hearts hit up. Want to hop on your chance to spin like a microwave to a sound clip of American artist Joji’s song “Slow Dancing in the Dark”? Well, you better take part in one of the best TikTok memes today.

Dame tu Cosita Meme

Dame tu Cosita - best TikTok meme

#DametuCosita Challenge, an online social game in which users try to reenact the dance from a popular video by El Chombo “Dame Tu Cosita”. It currently hits over 1 billion views record with over a hundred thousand views adding up every day.

Time Warp Scan TikTok Meme

If you are on TikTok for quite some time you might know how addictive its meme culture is. Since its spread in May 2019, hundreds of thousands of TikTokers tuned setting the Time Warp feature to its max. And who blames them for that? After all, 1.3 billion users watching the TimeWrapScan videos cannot be wrong. 

Area 51 on TikTok


Gotta stay ready 👽👽👽 (via @apiecebyguy) #area51 #workout #sports

♬ bad guy – Billie Eilish

Area51, the “Biggest Joke of the Galaxy” according to Time, is one of the best TikTok memes this platform has ever seen. The meme was inspired by the covert Nevada military base based to be the ground for everything alien-related. UFO conspiracy theorists, fans of shitposting, and small-town Nevada locals are blown away. So, do half of the world population.

Im Baby Meme Obsession

Im Baby meme is on TikTok

Originally an auto-corrected catchphrase from a mother/daughter text message, #ImBaby has easily reached 2.5 billion views. Millions of videos with “it all started with my Mom and my Dad” are posted daily. Take a glance yourself, we are sure you’d love it too.

Milk Fruit TikTok Videos

Hey, it’s milking time! One of the best TikTok memes that went viral in seconds. You might be wondering how this guy gets milk out of the eggplant, or that girl milks a pineapple. Well, there is no magic but a syringe only. And that syringe brings in 18.5 million views. 

Best TikTok Meme – #DogsOfTikTok

#DogsOfTikTok might be a winner on this list with its 34.2 billion views. What can be more fun than “thinking” about boys, jumping up the toilet paper wall, howling, barking, and choosing the right outfit for a walk?

Ultimate Friend Zone Meme

Let’s be honest, how many of us are in the #friendzone? This TikTok meme was made to make your TikToks viral! Yea, chap, the #ultimatefriendzone with 7 million views should not suck.

Whoa Meme on TikTok

Do you want to hit the whoa? That’s right, if you are on TikTok you should already know what the #whoa is – one of the best TikTok memes nearing 1 billion views! Originally, the Whoa is Texas dance legacy 🙂 when the dancer leans into a freeze on the beat making a swift move with their fists.

#TrollsCantStop, or Can They?

Are you feeling like trolls sniffing around? Messing up with you? Or perhaps, you are the troll who loves playing tricks with others? Hop on your chance to let TikTok users know #TrollsCantStop! Let your videos be a part of TikTok meme’s culture with billions of views every day.

Best TikTok Meme : Grandpa

1.9 billion of #grandpa meme views make it one of the best TikTok memes ever! Not the Grumpy Grandpa you’ve seen but the funny laughing open-mouthed #grandpa. You gotta make one TikTok yourself if you love your grandpa. But there’s always another approach. @andystallion uses this meme to speculate what he is going to be 60+ years into the future. 

Have You Tried #GreenScreen Meme?

New effects and trends hit quickly. But don’t take our word for it – type #greenscreen into the search bar of your app. You’ll see hundreds of thousands of videos popping up. Seems like the #GreenScreen Creative Effect is one of the best TikTok memes catching fire. Everyone from TikTok stars like Charli D’amelio and Addison Rae to new creators like Alissa Baller and DJHUNTS. 

Summing Up This TikTok Memes List

Whether you use #grandpa meme, #microwavechallenge, or a #TimeWrapScan, trying the best TikTok memes from this list is a must. Let us know what other high-ticket TikTok memes we missed in the comments below. 

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